The Leading Forum for Public-Private Dialogue on Shale Development. The Whole Shale Industry Chain Meets at ECF2017. ECF2017 is the premier conference dedicated to shale gas development. ECF2017 will deliver insightful and lively programs that focus on strategic upstream, midstream and downstream developments and opportunities.

ECF2017 Updates – Aug 31st

Latest Updated Speakers and Topics– Policy & Market:

1.China’s Latest Unconventional Resources Breakthrough Overview– Technology, Policy & Outlook
Zhang Dawei, Director and Researcher of Mineral Reserve Review Center, Ministry of Land and Resources

2.China’s Energy Policy & Gas Pricing Mechanism Interpretation– Up & Mid-stream Market Reform
Zhang Yousheng, Deputy Director, Energy Research Institute, NDRC

3.China’s Environment Protection Regulations on Shale Gas Exploitation – Case Study & Progress Report
Feng Xiangzhao, Deputy Director of Policy Research for Climate Change, Institute for Environment and Economy Policy Research, Ministry of Environment Protection

4.Milestone Achievements on China’s Unconventional Hotspots – Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates & Tight Reservoirs
ZhaiGangyi, Deputy Director, China Geological Survey Oil and Gas Survey

About ECF2017

What To Expect

• Exceptional networking opportunities • Business match-making • Spotlight debates on topical issues • Presentations of latest innovations and breakthrough technologies • Learn where the industry is heading • Insights into best practices • Easy access to international, regional and Chinese oil and gas business opportunities • Unique technical presentations and seminars • Information on China’s latest projects and market opportunities

Event Scale

Why ECF?

High Recognition & Global Influence

Most influential and recognizable shale gas summit, organized by the leading energy forum

Whole Industrial Chain

Topics covering from upstream to downstream, forming a platform for all regulators, players and researchers


Top speakers from government and enterprises with unique and leading views, first-hand information and most recent projects


Focuses core value with diversified guests


Leadership in oil &gas tech innovation

Policy, Trend & Opportunities

Heat discussion and in-depth interpretation for government policy, market trend and project opportunity in both China and global market

Member Exclusive

Special Socialization for ECF Members

ECF2017 Agenda

Asia-Pacific Energy Summit
China’s latest energy policy and reform; Energy structure changes and future plans for both conventional and unconventional oil & gas of China; Advanced experience and collaboration pattern from global unconventional players; Strategy and business plan adjustments based on oil price, policy and market for different kind of entities… The Oct 11th Summit will gather government and institute representatives and experts from China and Asia-Pacific countries to discuss their interpretation and prospect on the biggest and most important topics regarding the market.
Expert Roundtable – Brainstorming and Q&A for Industry Hot Topics
Exploration & Production
China holds world’s 3rd largest shale gas reserves and the fastest growing gas market. The government and companies continues to explore innovative solutions to increase proven reserves, technical recoverable reserves and to conduct economical, large-scale and commercial production. It seems that effective exploration method, mass production, high efficient technology and innovative service has become the major R&D and market value for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas development.
Storage, Transportation & Downstream Market
An excelent infrastructure and pipeline system is a key part for the oil and gas industry, especially for the high-cost unconventional oil and gas commercialization, It is also the driving force for the expansion of oil and gas demand, downstream application and trading. A complete downstream application prospects (fuel, power generation, chemical, distributed, etc.) is an important guarantee to stimulate gas market demand and to improve the value chain.
Invest, Finance and Law
Offshore & Deepwater Engineering
Hot Industrial Topics

Chemicals in E&P, Transportation and Storage

Sustainable Production & Environment




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