Energy China Forum 2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

October 11-13, 2017Jianguo Hotel Shanghai, China


Starting in 2011, ECF held Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit in October in Shanghai, which had become the most active and important event for professionals of unconventional oil and gas industry.

ECF2017 will feature speakers of global company executives, government decision-makers and thought leaders with advanced idea, technology and project. Please contact us if you are willing to communicate and share with all other ECF participants! Please contact the organizing committee for speaker inquiries: Call: +86 21 54383583 or Email:

Submission of Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit paper abstracts, with speaker CV and contact info. A selection of best papers will be chosen by the ECF2017 committee to be presented in the conference.

Please check back regularly for updates in ECF2017 Speakers.


Exploration & Production

ECF2017 will feature international speakers with advanced technology, viewpoint and project case study from around the world. Topics include but are not limited to:

1.Exploration and Resource a) Reservoir Description Technique
b) Micro Seismic Monitoring
c) Reservoir Stimulation and Description
d) Sweet spots Prediction in Unconventional Reservoir
e) Ultra-Low Permeability Reservoir Study
2.Drilling, Completion and Well-control a) SRV Fracturing and Reform
b) Shale Well Drilling and Completion
c) Well Factory
d) Supercritical CO2 Fracturing and Anhydrous Fracturing
3.Digital and Intelligent Fields a) Real-time Data Acquisition of Reservoir E&P
b) Smart well injection
c) Remote Monitoring and Control Optimization
d) Application of Big-Data, Could and IoT
e) E&P Database
4.Engineering Services a) Well Drilling & Completion Project
b) Overseas Operations & Engineering
c) Oil and Gas Field Operation Bidding
d) Engineering Integration for Unconventional Development

Storage, Transportation & Downstream Market

1.Pipelinek a) Digital Pipeline
b) Integrated Pipeline Monitoring Solutions
c) Metering Technology
d) Digital Sensors And Leak Detection
2.Storage and LNG a) Underground Gas Storage Unit
b) From Rock to Tank - Purification and Liquefaction
c) Import, Export and Trading – FPSO and Gas Terminal
3.Downstream Market a)Gas Power Plant
b) Profitability & Economy for Gas Power Generation
c) Clean Fuel & Infrastructure – Gasoline and Natural Gas and Electricity
d) Innovative Technology for Gas Industry
e) Distributed Gas Energy

Invest, Finance and Law

1.JV, M&A and Future for Midstream 2.Supply, Demand and Capital for Industry 3.Localization, Responsibility and Regulation 4.Risk Management, Best Practice and Standardization for Project Management

Offshore & Deepwater Engineering

1.Deep Water Equipment 2.Offshore Pipeline and Transportation Engineering 3.Offshore Platform Construction 4.Leak-Proof & Safety Control for Offshore Platform, Pipeline and Shipping

Hot Industrial Topics

1.Chemicals in E&P, Transportation and Storage a) Stimulation Chemistry
b) EOR Chemistry and Reservoir Reconstruction
c) Water and Oil Based Fracking Fluid
d) Chemical Application & Solution for Low Permeability, Waterdrive and High Sulfur Reservoir
f) Tertiary Oil Recovery (EOR)
g) Chemical Detection & Analysis
2.Sustainable Production & Environment a) Fluid Remediation (Drilling and Produced Waters)
b) Solid Waste Management
c) Ecology, Environment and Soil Remediation