Energy China Forum 2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

October 11-13, 2017Jianguo Hotel Shanghai, China

Latest Updated Speakers and Topics

Section 1: China's Energy Industry Overview: Policy, Market and Trend

1.1 China’s Latest Unconventional Resources Breakthrough Overview - Technology, Policy and Outlook
Zhang Dawei, Director and Researcher of Mineral Reserve Review Center, Ministry of Land and Resources

1.2 Briefing on China's Centralized Natural Gas Policy Reform - An Aggressive Revolution
Zhang Yousheng, Deputy Director, Energy Research Institute, NDRC

1.3 Energy China Forum - Our Development and Achievements Since 2011
Shaw Zhang, Vice President, Energy China Forum; Associate Director, Shanghai United Institute for Unconventional Resources

1.4 China's Environment Protection Regulations on Shale Gas Exploitation - Case Study and Progress Report
Feng Xiangzhao, Deputy Director of Policy Research for Climate Change, Institute for Environment and Economy Policy Research, Ministry of Environment Protection

1.4 Digitization and Informatization Technologies - Future for Upstream Petroleum Industries
Xiang Qian, President, BHGE China

Section 2: International Unconventional Resources Development: Global Industry Updates and China's "Belt-and-Road" Initiative

2.1 Development of Unconventional Resources in East and Southeast Asia - Overview and Updates
Dr. KAMALUDIN BIN HASSAN, Regional Expert, Coordinating Committee for Geosciences Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP) Technical Secretariat

2.2 Petroleum Exploration and Production in Southeast Asia - Project Report and International Cooperation Opportunities
Kwanjai Kaenmee, Geologist, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

2.3 Latest Energy Policy in United States - Interpretation, Orientation and Influence
Dr. Ulf Henning Richter, Managing Director, Richter Industries Ltd.; Associate Professor of Global Business and Strategy, Department of Business Administration, Tongji SEM

2.4 "Belt-and-Road" Initiative - Emerging Global Investment, Engineering, Servicing, Technology, Equipment & Project Opportunities
Li Yulong, General Manager of Africa and Europe Section, China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Co., Ltd.

2.5 Consulting and Support from International Financial Institutions - Petroleum Production, Storage, Transportation and Distribution
To be announced

Section 3: Upstream Exploration and Production - Technical Breakthrough and Progress

3.1 Milestone Achievements on China's Unconventional Hotspots - Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates and Low Permeability Reservoirs
ZhaiGangyi, Deputy Director, China Geological Survey Oil and Gas Survey

3.2 China's Largest Shale Gas Project – Fuling Gas Field, Technical Breakthrough and Blueprint
Zhang Liangwan, Associate Chief Engineer, Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Service Corporation

3.3 CO2 - Sand Dry Frac Method in Tight Gas Reservoirs - Field Application Studies
Zhou Ran, Engineer of Engineering Technology Research Institute of CCDC, CNPC

3.4 Well Testing and Logging for Fulin Shale - Key Technical Highlights and Applications
Shi Yuanhui, Technical Director, Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Service Corporation Logging Company

Section 4: Clean Production Practices and Environmental Protection

4.1 Thermal Desorption Treatment Applied to Oil-Based Drilling Cuttings - Field Applications and Analysis
Zhang Xinfa, Director of Corrosion and Protection Institute, Drilling & Production Research Institute, CCDC, CNPC

4.2 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Treatments for Energy and Petrochemical Industries - Innovative Technology Introduction
To be announced

Section 5: Specialty Chemicals - Utilization in Oil and Gas Fields, and Pipeline

5.1 Horizontal Drilling Fluids Applied in Tarapoa Field, Ecuador - Key Technical Highlights
Wang Changning, Vice-President of CNPC CCDC Drilling & Production Research Institute, Vice-director of National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration and Development of Low Permeability Oil and Gas Fields

5.2 Oilfield Specialty Chemicals in Unconventional Oil and Gas Development - Selection and Application
Qu Qi, Vice President, Research & Innovation - Oil & Gas, Solvay Novecare

Section 6: Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation & Natural Gas Power Generation

6.1 Storage and Transportation for Wet Sour Gases and Gas Hydrates - Technical Challenges and Development of New Gas Pipeline Systems
China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau

ECF 2017 Finale: ECF Oil and Gas Technical Innovation Award - Industrial Presentation on Technologies, Field Applications and Achievements (Project Promotion Symposium)

F.1 Natural Gas Accumulation System - Residual Energy Extraction and Power Generation, Field Application Project Reports and Economic Benefits (Achievements Report Following ECF Tech Innovation Award 2016)

F.2 Deepwater Oil & Gas Exploitation Systems - Core Equipment and Key Technologies for Systematic Integration (Achievements Report Following ECF Tech Innovation Award 2016)
Zhang Pengju, General Manager and Chief Engineer, MSP/RILEX Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

F.3 Application of Well Factory Technology for Cluster Horizontal Wells of Shale Gas Development in Weiyuan
Liu Naizhen, Research Institute of Engineering, CNPC Greatwall Drilling Company

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