Energy China Forum 2017 7th Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit

October 11-13, 2017Jianguo Hotel Shanghai, China

More Features about ECF2017

The Whole Shale Industry Chain Meets at ECF2017

ECF2017 offers participants unprecedented interaction with industry-leading CEOs, elected officials and thought leaders, all of whom play a critical role in crafting the public policy and technical landscape that defines shale gas development around the world, especially in China. Insightful panel discussions, high-powered networking sessions, and impactful keynote presentations will provide attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential leaders and innovators.

Opportunities for Global Players in China

China remained the world’s largest energy consumer and accounted for 23% of global energy consumption and 34% of net global energy growth. China is the world’s second-largest economy. Now China attempts to shake its dependence on coal by turning to shale gas. China holds the world’s largest shale gas reserves, with 68%+ technologically recoverable than the US, according to the US EIA. At the same time, China’s oil and gas market will become more open and attractive for global players at E&P, project, new technology, investment and JV.

You can learn more about the current situation of China shale gas and other oil and gas industry from ECF2017:

1. China's "Belt & Road Initiative" Global Energy Cooperation - Business Opportunities for International Energy Investment, Services, Technology and Equipment Companies
2. China to Relax Further Curbs On Foreign Investment,Especially In Unconventional Oil & Gas Development, Including Shale Oil, Oil Sands and Shale Gas
3. The New Technology Development Trend -China Makes 'Flammable Ice' & 'Shale Gas’ Breakthrough
4. Business Opportunity in China's Clean & Efficient Utilization of Fossil Fuel, Environment Protection Policy and Emission Target
5. Digitalization will be A Major Focus for China Oil and Gas R&D
6. Cost Control and Efficiency, The Top Priority for Chinese Oil & Gas Players
7. China Energy Industry Operators Seek to Achieve Greater Standardization of Tools and Processes
8. State Owned Enterprises and Private Entities in China Keeps Looking High Quality Overseas Assets
9. China's Latest Oil & Gas Reform Policy- The Opportunity for Global Players

Introduction of Energy China Forum (ECF)

ECF - Leading China Energy Thinking Tank and Research & Consulting Institution in Asia, focus on multilayer China energy development & integration among Governmental Energy Agency, Private Energy Enterprise, R&D and Financial Institution from policy/strategy development, market standard establishment, business practice development & a wide range of consulting practice.

ECF – An independent energy platform created by SZ Energy intelligence Co., Ltd (found in 2003), supported by China National Energy Regulatory Agency (NEA, NDRC, MLR), China National Energy Corporation, Coordinating Committee for Geosciences Programmes in East and Southeast Asia, and International Energy Corporations along with Shanghai Municipality.

What to Get from ECF2017?

1.Market Information – Acquiring Latest Market, Technology and Business Opportunities and Networking with Competitors and Clients
2.Policy, Trend and Leading Technology – Leaning from Government and Industry Speakers for Policy, Market and Technology Orientations
3.Business Partnering and Project Matchmaking
4.To Learn Both Market 101 and Advanced Business Strategy in China Oil & Gas
5.Face To Face Communication with Chinese Partners as well as Global Investors